vidnit and videffects

vid and videffects and vidnit were my first introduction to writing video code. I wrote some realtime effects which act on a video4linux source and played around alot. All of the effects work on 24-bit R'G'B' data and as such are awfully slow and unoptimal for video input, but hey, I was just starting.

I did a few interesting effects. I stole some ideas from the gimp, and I modified an emboss algorithm from an app called metgrab. The latest work that I did can likely be found in this tarball:


The videffects app has some more of the raw code for doing effects, and I also took the time to learn the libavifile and smpeg APIs. Again, since all of these effects act on R'G'B' input, they're slow, and all operations are done without converting from gamma corrected space. Still, using the effects on live video input is sooo much fun.

Effects that I wrote were:

I also coded some simple bluescreen (chroma-keying) effects, but it is very difficult to get it to work with my camera due to the large amount of noise. you have to set the distance way too high.


vidnit is a simple linux video player. it can also do all of the videffects stuff, but i've re-written the buffering so its much more efficient. I was working on a GTK+ gui and trying to get this working, but it didn't go anywhere, and alot of my ideas were just plain bad.


For more recent video code by me, check My Graphics Page.

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